Before contacting anyone regarding repair or replacement, please first refer to the “troubleshooting” section of your product manual. If after following the troubleshooting advice in your product manual there are still issues with your system, then you should contact the location where your product was purchased.

Length and scope of consumer warranty is different for each region and is handled by your local HiVi authorized representative. For further information please contact your regional authorized HiVi distributor. Make sure you have your product serial number on hand as well as a copy of the original bill of sale to verify the purchase date.

Warranty does not cover any damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, modification, acts of nature, or negligence. Damage caused by improper operation, maintenance, installation, or damage caused during an attempt to repair products is also not covered by warranty. Warranty is void if the factory applied serial number has been altered or removed.

Out of Warranty Service and Repair

If your product is no longer within it’s warranty period but requires service or repair, you should contact your local authorized HiVi representative for repair or replacement of parts. Replacement parts should be made available at minimal cost. Product parts may no longer be available 8-15 years after their production, availability varies dependant on product but we make no guarantee of the availability of parts past this term.