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V4 Bluetooth Active TV Speakers

Luxurious Wood Cabinet Classic Appearance

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4" Passive Radiator 4" Midbass Driver 20mm Metal Dome Ttweeter

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Perfect TV Companion Speakers

For many years, a great amount of efforts have been put into making a TV set that combines excellent picture and sound.  Yet there are no built-in audio systems to parallel the high resolution video. Swan’s newly  designed TV speakers V4 offer you ultimate listening experience  in your own home with your beloved family.

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Stunning Sound Performance

Each speaker incorporates a 4″ passive radiator, a 4″ midbass driver and a 20 mm dome tweeter, which are driven by a 30W digital amplifier.

What distinguishes V4 from any other of Swan’s speaker is its separate passive radiator, which allows more air to be driven, offering more deep bass. Meanwhile, the added radiator is able to reproduce some midranges and lower frequencies, creating a wider sound stage.

20 mm metal dome tweeter features well-balanced stiffness and mass. Horn loaded design ensures good imaging and directivity. You can enjoy the sound for a long time without getting tired of the distortion.

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Acoustically Acute Design

Exquisite handmade cabinet made of walnut wood;
Vintage look with cutting-edge technology;
Smooth cambered surfaces easily blend in various decors.

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User-friendly Design

V4 offers both desktop and wall-mounted installation, with a high damping base that allows secure placement while reducing distortion from vibration.

Magnetic grilles to protect the drivers, easy to install and remove.

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Brushed Metal Remote Control

Adjust volume via the remote control based on your personal preference. Select input audio sauce with an easy touch.


System Type 2-way 4th-order passive radioactive system
Drivers Configuration 4" passive radiator; 4" midbass; 20 mm dome tweeter
Frequency Range 60 Hz - 20 kHz
Distortion 150 Hz-20 kHz ≤1% (85 dB/1m)
Audio Input Aux, Bluetooth, WiFi
Rated Power 30W/Channel
Crossover Point 2.4 kHz
Separation >65 dB

SNR >90 dB (Unweighted)
Input Sensitivity 550 mV
Input Impedance 22 kΩ
Maximum Input 3000 mV
Dimensions (W×H×D) 6.3"×24.9"×4.9"
Net Weight (Each) 13.2 lbs
Finish Real wood veneer cabinet