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SUB 12S Active Subwoofer

Dual 12" Woofers

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Double woofers, double delight.

12" woofers×2

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Dual Woofers for Stunningly Fast Bass

Two identical 12″ woofers are housed in a glossy black piano lacquer finished wood cabinet, a great pleasure to the eyes as well as to the ears. The SUB 12S weighs a massive 53kg (117 lbs). The result is a cabinet so solid there is barely any external resonance.  The SUB 12S is suitable for both home and studio.

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Exquisite Workmanship & Meticulously Chosen Materials

  • Diaphragm: made of rigid high damping woven carbon fiber together with German aircraft-grade PMI (a kind of foam mainly used in airplanes and high-speed trains) to ensure good resolution and transient response.
  • Surround: wide and elastic surround allows for continuous bass output.
  • Damper: impact-proof CONEX damper for high stability and low distortion.
  • Magnet: double magnets for double magnetic power, larger amplitude for deeper bass.
  • Basket: high-strength aluminum casting material to control driver resonance.
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The SUB 12S is driven by a highly efficient class D amplifier of 500W. It uses a switching power supply to keep track of the input signals, achieving the right balance between the efficiency and linearity.


System Type One-way sealed box system
Drivers Configuration 12" woofers×2
Frequency Range 18Hz - 200Hz
Rated Power 1600 Watts
SNR >100dB
Input Sensitivity 550mV
Input Impedance 22kΩ
Dimensions (W×D×H) 20.2"×20.0"×18.3" (512×508×465mm)
Net Weight 116.8 lbs (53kg)