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S4N Midwoofer

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PP diaphragm together with high-compliance surrounds brings the driver a wide and smooth frequency response.

Ferrite magnetic shielding system, Kapton former with no eddy current loss, and SV coil wire allow the driver to handle large power.

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Nominal Impedance
Resonant Frequency 68Hz
Nominal Power Handling 20W
Max Power Handling 40W
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 86dB
Weight 0.9kg
Voice Coil Diameter 25mm
DC Resistance 6.5Ω
Voice Coil Former SV Wire
Voice Coil Frame Kapton
Magnetic Circuit Magnetic Shielding Circuit

Magnet Ferrite
Gap Height 4.0 mm
Force Factor 5.8N/A
Linear Excurion 2.3mm
Suspension Compliance 1043uM/N
Mechanical Q 4.07 -
Electrical Q 0.42 -
Total Q 0.38 -
Moving Mass 5.2g
Equivalent Air Volume 4.2L


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