M6 Home Theater

5.0 Stereo Sound System

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True curved solid wood cabinet housing premium drivers, aesthetically pleasing and so is the entire listening experience.

6.5" Midbass Driver×2 2" Midrange Driver Isodynamic Ribbon Tweeter

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A perfect combination of solid wood cabinets and premium drivers. Not only can it be used Hi-Fi speakers for music enjoyment, but it can be used for playing high-definition movies.

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Acoustically Acute Design

In order to reduce the cabinet resonance and sound coloration, the cabinets are designed with dual-layer front baffles and internal annular reinforcement frame. This ensures high performance even at the highest volume.

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Award Winning Sound

All the five speakers in M6 home theater adopt the same drivers, no matter in configuration or driver quantity.

The two 6.5″ midbass drivers are using diaphragm made of Kevlar fiber which is ultra-light and of high strength, allowing for more punchy bass and accurate reproduction.

A specialized 2″ dome midrange is used to reproduce the mids, where the heart of music resides.

For high frequencies, a newly designed isodynamic ribbon tweeter is adopted. It has a wider effective vibration area, which allows for higher input power and broader frequencies.


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D'Appolito Arrangement

The MTM alignment of drivers brings high sound density and phase accuracy. Moreover, the isodynamic ribbon tweeter extends the high frequencies.

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Di-pole Surround Speakers

The surround speaker features two 6.5″ midbass drivers, a 2″ midrange driver and an isodynamic ribbon tweeter. They can be installed on wall or ceiling mounted. Either way, the sound can be reflected by at least one wall. So they are very suitable for reproducing diffused and non-directional sound filed in home theater systems.

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