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Active Wireless Hi-Fi Speaker with Cloud Services

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M3AMKIII has various input modes, supporting devices including PC, ultra-thin TV and Blu-ray Disc, etc for high-quality and lossless voice transmission.

  • High-density Solid Wood Cabinet from Southeast Asia
  • Elegant and Fashionable Aluminum Decoration
  • Strictly measured and made by hand.
Isodynamic Ribbon Tweeter 50mm Midrange 6.5" Woofer

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Like M1 speaker, M3 speaker then broke new ground in the electroacoustic industry with its excellent sound quality, isodynamic ribbon tweeter and advanced acoustic design, receiving wide compliments. Created by new electroacoustic technology, M3AMKIII is equipped with wireless digital-analog interface. The classic product is now creating a new legend.

M3AMKIII speaker adopts high-density cabinet made from Southeast Asian solid wood. It also employs cabinet construction with high quality and low resonant frequency and 3-way phase inverse design, and is strictly measured and made by hand.


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Adjustable Professional Nut Feet

Each speaker has three foot nails on the bottom to reduce resonance created through bass and desktop. The speaker can bring extraordinary bass by adjusting the height of foot nails to form a 30°angle to reduce low frequency diffraction.

3-way design includes an isodynamic tweeter, a professional 50mm Al-Mg alloy midrange and a 6.5-inch woofer.

The diaphragm adopts composite metal copper foil made by thin Kapton material, making tweeter vibration lighter. Its transient characteristics is much better than traditional tweeters as the frequency response can easily extend to 40kHz.

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 Less Distortion: Professional 50mm Al-Mg Alloy Midrange

The thin but hard Al-Mg alloy midrange diaphragm with a concave fatigue-resistant vibration ring, an aluminum-frame large voice coil, a copper clad aluminum voice coil wire, and an aluminum iron boron internal magnetic magnetic circuit.

The midrange with excellent resolution and quick transient response ensures the clarity and accuracy of sound replay.

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6.5-inch Woofer with Large Diameter and Long Stroke

The woofer adopts long stroke and central phase plug design, using Kevlar fiber to produce natural and accurate sound. Shielded magnetic circuit system and linear displacement technology provide stronger bass, making it fast and flexible sound.

Components of Professional 50mm Midrange

Protective net, decorative ring, diaphragm, voice coil, copper clad aluminum voice coil wire, bracket, magnetic sheet, NdFeB magnet, U iron, damping cotton, sound-absorbing cotton, gasket and back cover.

M3AMKIII has various input modes, supporting devices including PC, ultra-thin TV and Blu-ray Disc, etc for high-quality and lossless voice transmission.

M3AMKIII adopts a new generation of Bluetooth where the inside aptX HD decoder can greatly reduce sound delay and genuinely achieve Hi-Fi quality in Bluetooth mode.

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Wireless Remote Control for More Convenient Listening

Full-function infrared wireless controller supports sufficient switch of transformation mode, make listening much freer.

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Model No. HiVi M3AMKIII
Series DSP Active Wi-Fi Stereo
System Type 3-way Active Phase Inversion Speaker System
Drivers Configuration Professional 6.5-inch Bass, Professional 50mm Midrange, Isodynamic Tweeter
Frequency Range 39Hz - 20kHz (±3dB, free space)
Audio Input WiFi, WLAN, Bluetooth, Optical, Coaxial, Balanced Input, Line Input
Amplifier Output Tweeter:30Wx2 RMS; Midrange: 30Wx2 RMS; Bass: 90Wx2 RMS; Total Power: 300W RMS
Active DSP Crossover Frequency 730Hz, 4.2kHz
Bass tuning ±3dB
Treble tuning Treble tuning ±3dB
Separation >95dB
Finish Luxury wood cabinet with aluminum decorative ring
Dimensions(WXDXH) 253*338*442mm
Net Weight Main: 13.5kg; Minor: 12.5kg