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M3 Passive Speakers

2.0 Channel 3 Way Bookself Speakers

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M1 has become a classic pair of speakers for its design and stunning performance. Countless audiophiles are still enjoying the beautiful music reproduced by M1. With consistent research in acoustical engineering, HiVi has crafted a new generation M series speaker with better performance in every respect-the M3 high fidelity passive bookshelf speakers. The brand new M3 has inherited the M series classic design but with more advanced electroacoustic elements.

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Quite a few improvements are made for M3. The cabinet is made of solid wood board. With a larger inner space, M3 can store a more sophisticated electroacoustic layout. Each speaker is equipped with a new 6.5-inch mid/bass driver L6-4R, a soft dome midrange driver and an isodynamic ribbon tweeter. With the well-designed crossover, three drivers work smoothly to reproduce music.

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M3 has a isodynamic ribbon tweeter, which features with high-resolution and a wide frequency range from 3 kHz to 40 kHz. The speaker also adopts a DMO soft dome midrange driver, which was also applied in the flagship speaker Swans 2.3B. In CES 2008, the dome midrange driver has received high appraisal from many audiophiles. The diaphragm of DMO is made of high quality silk material, coated with special damping material. The driver has a frequency range from 800Hz to 6kHz, covering most mid/high frequencies of instruments and vocals. Without slip between frequency range, sound is smooth.

The M3 has a 6.5-inch bass driver. The diaphragm is made of black Kevlar fiber, a lightweight but strong material. With the anti-fatigue rubber band for extended excursion and high compliances spider, the driver has good stiffness and stability. A combination of shielded magnetic circuit system and extended excursion linear placement technology provides powerful bass, ensuring linear vibration while giving high level output. The M3 has pushed the M series to a higher level by offering quick response and quality bass.

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M3 has inherited M1’s classic features, it also embraces HiVi’s new electroacoustic technology. By listening to M3 speakers, it is like sitting in a concert feeling the beautiful sound coming from various instruments. Holding the principle to focus on sound quality, HiVi has brought another great enjoyment of sound.


M3 Passive Bookshelf Speaker

System Type 3-way 4th-order vented box system
Drivers Configuration 6.5" bass-midrange driver; 2” dome midrange driver; Isodynamic ribbon tweeter
Frequency Range 40Hz - 20kHz
Harmonic Distortion 65Hz - 20kHz ≤1%(2.83V/1m)
Sensitivity(2.83V/1m) 88dB
Nominal Impedance 4Ω
Power Handling 10W - 120W
Dimensions(W×D×H) 10.2"×12.5"×17.5"
Net Weight(each) 26.5 lbs