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M80W 2.1 Channel Active Wireless Multimedia Speakers

Hi-Fi Active Speaker with Bluetooth & WiFi

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Desktop 2.1 channel system with an 8″ subwoofer for punchy bass.

8" Subwoofer 4" Midbass Driver 20 mm Hard Dome Tweeter


New Generation 2.1 Wireless Speakers

In 2009, HiVi launched a 2.1-channel speaker system—M50W. It was positively reviewed in the audio press. The M80W is the next generation of that speaker. We enlarged the woofer and added more interfaces in response to customer feedback.

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Acoustically Acute and Aesthetically Pleasing

The extended front baffle lends an artistic flair to this speaker as well as an acoustical solution to a common problem with speaker boxes. Traditionally, the 90-degree cabinet edge found on either side of the tweeter causes a small bump in the tweeters frequency response. The flared baffle that extends past the sides slightly reduces this abnormality lending a smoother frequency response.

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Easy Instant Connection

M80W is designed both with wired and wireless interfaces to meet different needs. The Bluetooth 4.2 features a built-in APT-X decoder, which substantially reduces the audio and video latency, offering high-performance sound. What distinguishes M80W from any other of Swan’s previous and current device is its instant internet connection via WPS. All you have to do is to press the WPS key on the router and the WPS/RESET key on the back of the subwoofer.

You can change the EQ as you like by rotating the two volume knobs at the back panel of the subwoofer. Of the two knobs, the upper one can be used to adjust the volume of the whole system, and can also be pressed to cycle through the available modes, like Bluetooth, WiFi, Aux etc. The lower knob is used to control the subwoofer volume.

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Premium Drivers

Each satellite speaker incorporates a professional 4” midbass driver and a 0.8” hard dome tweeter, composing a sealed 2-way system. Its cone features light yet stiff alloy, which ensures the drivers to work linearly under low distortion.

The midbass driver, on the other hand, uses cones made from paper pulp and fiber. The ultra-light composite material offers good damping which allows the driver to bring sound with excellent transient response and details.

The 8” subwoofer responds to frequencies between 36 Hz and 110 Hz. Its cone uses polypropylene suspended by a wide surround made from natural rubber, enabling the system to push air freely even under great dynamics. Magnetically, it is designed symmetrically with two magnets. Together with a 38 mm high-purity copper voice coil, the driver can perform with little distortion, providing more stunning deeper bass.

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Easy to Operate

Adjust volume via the remote control based on your personal preference. Select input audio sauce with a just the touch of the button.


Model M80W
System Type 2-way 2nd-order sealed satellite system; 1-way vented subwoofer
Drivers Configuration 4" midbass; 20 mm hard dome tweeter; 8" subwoofer
Frequency Range Subwoofer: 36 Hz - 110 Hz (-3 dB); Satellite: 110 Hz - 20 kHz (-3 dB)
Harmonic Distortion 60 Hz - 20 kHz ≤1% (85 dB/1 m)
Rated Power 150 W
Crossover Frequency Point 110 Hz
Separation ≥80 dB

SNR ≥88 dB (Unweighted)
Input Sensitivity 150 mV
Input Impedance 10 kΩ
Tuning Frequency 35 Hz
Audio Input Aux, Optical, Coaxial, WiFi
Finish Wood veneer cabinet/ Matte black spray lacquer
Dimensions (W×D×H) Subwoofer: 10.2"×14.8"×11.8"; Satellite: 5.7"×6.1"×8.4"
Net Weight Subwoofer: 27.3 lbs; Satellite: 4.2 lbs