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K1000 Swans Bluetooth Sound Bar Home Theater

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Bluetooth Sound Bar Wireless Echo Wall Home Theater

Tired of the flat sound offered by your TV? You need a sound bar which provides great, meaty sound while takes little space and saves you tangled wires.

To meet the needs of users ,the engineers of HiVi released K series , wireless soundbar active speakers ,K1000.

The user is able to enjoy the high-fidelity tone quality when they are watching TV ,listening or seeing movies.with the small volume . Meanwhile, the driver is space-saving  for its small volume.

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K1000 configures a 2-way 2nd-order vented box system, incorporating two 20mm hard dome tweeters and two 3-inch midwoofers in a sheer cylinder enclosure made from tensioned aluminum.

The tweeter features light and stiff alloy-made diaphragm for accurate and linear sound.

The midwoofer’s diaphragm uses professional acoustic composite material for deep powerful bass.

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Rich Interfaces

The driver is able to connect by line input, fiber optic, coaxial and HDMI , suitable for almost any kind of needs of the flat-panet television as well as the living room.

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Multifunctional Remote Control

All the interfaces on the K-1000 as well as the volume, can be controlled with the multifunctional remote control.



system type 2-way 2nd-order vented box system
drivers configuration two 3'' woofer×2,two 20mm metal dome tweeter×2
frequency range 70Hz-20kHz
audio input bluetooth, optical,coaxial,wire
audio output 5.8G
amp output 56W RMS
separation >88dB
signal to noise >88dB
DIMENSIONS(W×H×D) 39.4‘’×2.6‘’×5.4‘’
NW 5.6kg