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Hi-Fi Wireless Active Bookshelf Speakers M5A

3-way Real Wood Speakers

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Reference Wireless Wi-Fi Active Speakers

8" Woofer 3" Midrange Isodynamic Ribbon Tweeter


Explosive Bass

From M3 to M3A, HiVi M Series 3-way high-fidelity bookshelf speakers have always been the love for audiophiles because of their high performance as well as appearance.

M5A, the newly released generation, attracted people for its deep powerful bass produced by an 8-inch woofer, DSP filtering system, rich interfaces, and large-power digital amp module.

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Premium Drivers

Hand-crafted real wood cabinet together with black leather coated front panel turns on a harmonious classic beauty.

M5A features three premium drivers: an 8″ woofer, a 3″ midrange driver and a HiVi’s signature isodynamic ribbon tweeter.

Employing ultra-thin Kapton diaphragm, the ribbon tweeter surpasses the traditional tweeters a lot in transient response.

The midrange is where the heart of music dwells. High resolution and quick transient response ensure accuracy during vocal and music reproduction.


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Complete set of interfaces

M5A supports a variety of interfaces, including Wi-Fi, WLAN, Bluetooth, Coaxial, Line and XLR.

It uses a sampling frequency up to 192Hz at 24bit with SNR 103dB, suitable for almost any kind of traditional audio device.

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A remote control is equipped to control the volume and switch between different interfaces.


System Type 3-way active bass reflex box
Drivers Configuration 8" woofer; 3" midrange; isodynamic ribbon tweeter
Frequency Response 35Hz-20kHz (±2.5dB, free space)
Interfaces WiFi, LAN
Rated Power Tweeter: 35W×2 RMS; midrange: 40W×2 RMS; woofer: 180W×2 RMS; total 510W RMS
Crossover Frequency 550Hz, 3.6kHz

Bass Adjustment ±3dB
Treble Adjustment ±3dB
Separation >95dB
SNR >95dB (A weighted)
Dimensions 280×362×475mm
Net Weight Master speaker: 21.5kg; Slave speaker: 19.8kg


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