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FM Radio & Bluetooth Active Speaker M2R

Compact Desktop Speaker


M2R has

  • high-speed Bluetooth 5.0 connection within 10 meters
  • stereo system of two 40mm full-frequency units
  • four colors to choose
  • luxury materials and solid wood cabinet
  • visible knobs
  • long-lasting battery life
1.5" driver×2 Bluetooth 5.0
FINISH:purple redindigopineblack
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A Perfect Combination of Retro and Fashion

M2R incorporates an FM radio, Bluetooth and  HiVi’s professional drivers into a compact desktop active speaker, a perfect combination of traditional radio and modern Bluetooth speaker.

It comes in 4 colors: classic cloth grille, purple-red, pine and indigo.

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Housed separately, the two 40mm full-range drivers outperform most drivers of their size, delivering great stereo sound.

M2R employs a built-in Class R stereo amp and can respond to frequencies between 150Hz and 20kHz.

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Product Image
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Easy to Control

A visible FM tuning dial for you to control conveniently.

There are two other knobs. One is a function selector for you to choose from FM, Bluetooth and Aux. The other is a Volume/Switch knob.

An indicator light is set on the dial: green for FM, blue for Bluetooth and red for Aux.


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Product Image

Multiple Interfaces and Functions

There are three interfaces at the back. One is a headphone jack. One is a Micro USB jack to charge the speaker.  And one is for Aux connection, which can also be used for the FM antenna.

Bluetooth 5.0 apt-X ensures faster transmission and lower latency. You’ll enjoy your listening experience every time.



FM Frequency Response 87MHz-108MHz
FM Sensitivity ≤8µV
Bluetooth 5.0
Channel System 2-way bass reflex full range
Drivers Configuration 1.5" full-range drivers×2
Frequency Response 150Hz-20kHz
SNR FM≥55dB; Bluetooth≥85dB
Output Power 5W×2 (1kHz/10% THD)

Finish Real wood, PC, metal decorative circle and grille (classic cloth grille, purple-red, pine, indigo)
Back Panel Headphone jack, USB interface, FM_ANT/Aux IN, charge indicator, vent tube
Front Controls Function selector, FM tuning, volume, switch
Status Indicator FM scale, FM tuning (green), Bluetooth (blue), Aux (red), low battery (flickering red)
Built-in Battery Li-ion 7.4V/2200mAh (16.28W·h)
Battery Life ≥10 hours
Charging Voltage DC 5V/1.5A
Dimensions (W×D×H) 180×90×85 mm
Weight 0.55kg (net), 0.85 (gross)