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Active Wireless Bookshelf Speakers M300MKII

3-way Hi-Fi Home Audio

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High cost-effective wood speakers with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

6.5" Woofer 2" Midrange Isodynamic Ribbon Tweeter

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A New Legend for 3-way Bookshelf Speakers

M300MKII, the upgraded version of M300, is designed with the same classic look of M200 series yet with a whole new set of drivers, optimized amps, and more interfaces.

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Premium Drivers

Compact 3-way home audio for its size, featuring a Swans-patent isodynamic ribbon tweeter, a 2-inch metal midrange and a 6.5-inch woofer.

The isodynamic ribbon tweeter employs Kapton diaphragm which is ultra-thin and light. It can reproduce sound high up to 40kHz accurately and clearly.



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Classic Appearance

M300MKII keeps the classic look of the M200 series: black matte cabinet sided by thickened wood panels, which greatly helps reduce the distortion caused by cabinet resonance.

A 4° sloping front panel helps optimize the listening environment to make sure all frequencies reach the listeners’ ears simultaneously.

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Product Image

3 knobs on the back of the main speaker to control bass, treble, and volume. Both the bass and treble can be tuned by ±3dB by rotating the knobs. The volume control can be pressed to switch between different input modes.

A remote control allows you to enjoy the speakers freely.




Model M300MKII
System Type 3-way bass reflex sytem
Drivers Configuration 6.5" woofer; 2" midrange; isodynamic ribbon tweeter
Frequency Response 38Hz-40kHz (±3dB, free space)
Audio Input Wi-Fi, LAN, Bluetooth, Optical, Coaxial, XLR, Line
Rated Power Tweeter: 30W×2 RMS; midrange: 30W×2 RMS; woofer:Tweeter: 120W×2 RMS;
Crossover Frequency 890Hz, 5.0kHz

Bass Tuning ±3dB
Treble Tuning ±3dB
Separation >95dB
SNR >96dB (A weighted)
Dimensions (W×H×D) 252×440×290mm
Net Weight Main speaker: 13.9kg; slave speaker: 12.8kg
Finish Black matte cabinet+PVC side panels

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