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Active Hi-Fi Bookshelf Speakers M500

Wireless Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Speakers

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Perfect speakers for living rooms.

8" Woofer 2" Midrange Isodynamic Ribbon Tweeter

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New Generation, New Configuration

M200 was highly praised upon its first release in 1999. Its third-generation M200MKIII was honored CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards in 2009.

To meet higher demand for deep bass in a larger space, M500 is released with 8″ woofers, edge-cutting 3-way DSP filters, large-power digital amp modules, rendering you a cinema-like stunning listening experience.

In the meanwhile, it keeps the classic look of the M200 series: black matte front panels and thickened wood grain side panels to control the cabinet resonance.

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Acoustically Acute Design

3 premium drivers: a patented isodynamic ribbon tweeter, a 2″ midrange and an 8″ woofer.

The isodynamic ribbon tweeter uses Kapton-made diaphragm, featuring a low-mass vibration system. It reproduces high frequencies high up to 40kHz.

The midrange is where the heart of music dwells. To reproduce vocals and music details clearly and accurately, the 2″ midrange employs diaphragm made of Al-Mg alloy, anti-fatigue cloth surround, CCA voice coil and Nd-Fe-B magnetic circuit.

For the woofer, it can reproduce frequencies down to 35Hz thanks to its PP diaphragm and natural rubber surround.

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Easy to Control

3 knobs on the back of the main speaker to control bass, treble, and volume. Both the bass and treble can be tuned by ±3dB by rotating the knobs. The volume control can also be pressed to switch between different input modes.

An IR remote control allows you to enjoy the speakers freely.


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Product Image

A Complete Set of Interfaces

Each interface comes with different colors: green for Wi-Fi, blue for Bluetooth, white for Optical, purple for Coaxial, yellow for XLR, sky blue for AUX. When the speakers are turned mute, the light goes red.



Model D300
System Type 2-way 4th-order bass reflex system
Frequency Response 38Hz-20kHz (±3dB, free space)
Audio Input Bluetooth, Optical, Coaxial, XLR, Line
Rated Power Tweeter: 30W×2 RMS; midwoofer: 120W×2 RMS
Crossover Frequency 3.0kHz

Bass Tuning ±3dB
Treble Tuning ±3dB
Separation >87dB
SNR >102dB (A weighted)
Dimensions 219×315×352mm
Net Weight Main speaker: 8.8kg; slave speaker: 7.0kg

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