Explore the world of the craftsmanship behind Swan.

Speakers that look as beautiful as they sound.


Beautiful to Listen

Hear your favorite music like it was your first time.  With high-fidelity audio, you’ll catch the very soul and essence of the artist as the come to life with our speakers.

Beautiful to Touch

Premium materials allowing your music to come to life.

Beautiful to See

Speakers infused with design, looking as amazing as they sound.



With a 25 year history of acoustical engineering, Swan Speakers knows good sound. No matter what kind of speaker from our lineup, we all focus on one thing - Amazing Sound.


Large cabinets and powerful woofers means our speakers have a punch bass that can't be found elsewhere.


All of our speakers are extensively tested, from the creation of the drivers, the initial design of the speakers, and each individual final product.


Premium Materials

Explore some of the premium materials we use


  • Walnut Wood

    Relatively heavy and hard and resilient. It is resistant to warping and is subject to only light shrinkage.

  • Piano Lacquer

    We finish many of our products with a beautiful black lacquer finish, the same used in the best pianos around the world.

  • Cherry Wood

    Moderately hard, strong and medium weight. The fine grains along with the smooth and sleek texture are remarkably adapted for wood work.

  • Oak

    Exceedingly strong, heavy and durable. It is an attractive light color with a prominent grain and is resistant to fungal attack.

  • Silk Tweeters

    Made from ultra luxurious silk doped with advanced electromagnetic compounds, our silk tweeters have a smooth and brilliant sound compared to traditional tweeters.

  • Aluminum Drivers

    Our beautiful aluminum drivers are perfectly designed to be stiff and light to produce the most accurate and best sound.

  • Kapton Ribbons

    Our Isodynamic ribbon tweeters are at the very forefront of acoustic technologies. Ultra-fine strands are immersed in a magnetic fluid produce the best possible highs for your ears.

  • Carbon Fiber Weave

    One of the most resilient materials, carbon fiber weave is used to produce the most powerful of woofer drivers in order to drive the biggest booms to your ears.

Genuinely Crafted

A real personal touch you can feel. In every corner.

We here at Swan Speakers take pride in our work and products.  Focusing firstly on the highest fidelity sound quality, our speakers are renown around the world for their beauty, both in how they sound and visually.


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