About HiVi acoustics

HiVi Acoustics is a world leading speaker manufacturer that has been making speaker audio components for over 25 years.

Our goal is to give an amazing consistent audio experience to the world, regardless of content, format, culture or personal tastes.  We do this by designing and manufacturing world quality audio products such as drivers, speakers, amplifiers, receivers, and more.


About Swan speakers

Swan Speakers was originally founded by James Bock on Swans Island, Maine.  Shortly joined afterwards by Frank Hale, Swans Speakers became famous with its line of high end speakers at Chicago.  After James passed away, Swans merged with HiVi, Swan Speakers is HiVi’s consumer line of products.  Under the Swan Speaker’s name, HiVi has been making award winning speakers, such as the M200MKIII bookshelf speakers and the MS-2 wireless living room smart speaker.

We pride ourselves on Swan’s excellence in musical sensuality.  This comes from our passion for sound quality, natural materials and beautiful design.


Our philosophy

Our philosophy is not just to convert audio signals to sound waves.  Music is not just about hearing, it is an expression of culture and lifestyle.

Our objective is thus not only the give you the most natural and high-fidelity sound, but also in a way of listening that reflects the time and technology of today.

We are deeply motivated to provide each of our customers the products that will give the best audio-musical experience possible.

We hope that you will join us on this journey.­­­